Explore art near your Arvada homeOne of the many benefits of owning an Arvada home is the proximity to the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities. This award winning facility opened in 1976 and has grown to become one of our country's largest centers devoted to all aspects of the Arts. Come and enjoy a show in the theater, listen to some music during the Summer Stage Concert Series, feast your eyes upon one of the many fine art exhibits, or take a class to learn something new.

Those owning an Arvada home have access to over 600 courses per year. Choose from dance, performing arts, music, ceramics, visual arts, and humanities. The facility is equipped with eleven classrooms and studios and offers classes for all ages. Few communities have access to programs, concerts, art exhibits, and classes all in one place. The Arvada Center also has top notch spaces for weddings, meetings, special events, and golf. It is truly an all-encompassing facility dedicated to the arts. Purchasing an Arvada home would be a great investment for any family interested in the Arts. It will open up many opportunities to experience the finer things in life, create special memories with loved ones, and to get lost in your own imagination. Click here to learn more.